Cosmetic Dentistry Options: Quiz

Cosmetic DentistryInterested in finding out more about what your cosmetic dentistry options are? Many dental patients are looking into their cosmetic dentistry procedure options these days with a goal of improving their overall appearance. While many patients are looking into some of their major cosmetic procedures options as they have a number of cosmetic improvements they would like to make to their mouth, others are interested in making only a few minor cosmetic improvements, including teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry choices can, therefore, include everything from teeth whitening to a full mouth reconstruction.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is a form of dentistry that is aimed at creating a positive change to someone's teeth and smile.

Cosmetic dentistry

As time goes on modern dentistry advances continue to be made giving people many more options when it comes to improving their aesthetics. Because there are many new and exciting cosmetic options that are now available when going to the dentist more people are beginning to ask what cosmetic dentistry options are available to them. An experienced dentist can offer patients the best advice on the best cosmetic options that are currently available that can help them make the positive changes they are wanting to make when it comes to their dental aesthetics.

Cosmetic dentistry options quiz

Below is a cosmetic dentistry options quiz that can help those who are interested in finding out more about what kind of cosmetic dentistry options are available these days learn a little more about what some of the best dental aesthetics options are going to be.

When someone has crooked front teeth what is their best cosmetic option – braces or veneers?

Both braces and veneers are a great cosmetic option for those who have crooked front teeth and want straighter front teeth.

When someone is interested in teeth whitening how long will it last – one year, two years, forever or depends on the patient?

While most cosmetic teeth whitening procedures lasts an average of two years it truly does depend on the patient for how long teeth whitening will last.

True or false. The option to remove old metal fillings is available, which are not only noticeable but considered to be unhealthy.

Absolutely true and is one of the more common cosmetic procedures performed today.

It takes a really long time for someone to get all of the cosmetic dental procedures they want so they can have a confident smile.

Many of the modern cosmetic dentistry options available today can be done in only one or two dental appointments!

There is only one type of cosmetic dentistry option that will whiten someone’s teeth so that they can feel more confident when smiling.

False. There are in fact quite a few dental options when it comes to making it so that someone is able to have a whiter, brighter smile, including porcelain veneers.

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