How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Do you have a chipped tooth and are wondering if dental bonding can help to repair it? Or maybe you have a space in between your two front teeth and have always wondered what you would look like if you had this space closed? Bonding is commonly used to repair or correct any tooth issues that someone may be experiencing. The reason why more and more dental patients are choosing this tooth repair option is that it is not only able to repair teeth so they are stronger, but it also allows for a completely natural look. Oh, and dental bonding is also able to last a lot longer than other tooth repair options.

Dental bonding options

Dental patients who are looking for tooth repair options often look into bonding options first. When a patient chooses bonding treatments, they are choosing a dental treatment that allows them to have the most natural look once the treatments are over. Dental bonding treatment options include using bonding resin to repair tooth imperfections like chips and gaps.

How long does dental bonding last?

It is important for dental patients to understand how long any dental treatment will last before agreeing to undergo the treatment process. When it comes to knowing how long bonding treatments will last a patient, it is going to depend on where the bonding took place. For example, if the dental bonding was done on the edges of a patient's tooth, over time it will begin to wear away due to biting forces. After a patient receives any type of bonding treatment, the dentist will provide them with aftercare instructions to follow. Following these aftercare instructions will allow patients to help the dental bonding last for the longest amount of time.

In general, patients can expect their bonding to last anywhere between 5-10 years.

Do you have any more bonding questions that need to be answered?

If you have any questions about dental bonding when it comes to repairing your teeth or improving the way they look, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. Our caring dental team is always looking out for our patients' interests and for that reason we are always available when they need us. If you happen to have a damaged tooth that is in need of repair or are looking to improve your overall smile, the bonding process may be the right option for you. In order for you to know for sure, you will need to call us and make an initial dental appointment. Ready to get your teeth repaired or have a better smile? Simply call us now!

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