Signs of a Quality Dental Cleaning

Ever wondered if your dentist is psychic?

So, you go for your regular dental checkup to get a professional opinion on whether your dental cleaning technique is up to standard. During the visit, the dentist tells you things about your oral habits that you did not admit to or mention. How does your dentist know? Are dentists clairvoyant?

There is a simple explanation. A dentist can tell a lot about a person's dental habits by examining their mouth. In fact, dentists can tell, just by looking, how good we are at cleaning our mouths. Here is how.

1. By observing the teeth

The most obvious sign of good oral hygiene is a lack of cavities. But the teeth can tell tales in other ways.

One sign of exceptional oral care is tooth restorations that permanently remain in good condition. Tooth restorations should hold up under the pressure of chewing and attempted attacks by harmful mouth bacteria. If restored teeth are found to have cracks or decay or are loose or sensitive, then the patient's oral hygiene regimen needs improvement.

Good oral hygiene is also shown by a lack of stains, cracks and chipping.

2. By observing the tongue

A person who has good oral hygiene has a pink tongue with little protrusions. An important part of oral hygiene is cleaning the tongue by scrubbing it with a toothbrush or a tongue scraper.

The dentist can tell a lot from the tongue. A white tongue suggests that a person neglects to scrub the tongue, but it can also be caused by oral thrush. A painful, discolored tongue may indicate chronic conditions like malnutrition, autoimmune disorders or diabetes.

3. By observing the gums

A person who cleans their teeth perfectly will have healthy gums. Healthy gums are firm and have light pink coloration. They do not bleed or hurt, nor are they tender to the touch.

Another way to spot healthy gums is by observing the tiny extensions of the gum found between the bases of the teeth. In healthy gums, these triangular "extensions" are easily spotted.

When the gums are unhealthy, the tiny extensions recede from the teeth and toward the rest of the gum. This creates gaps or pockets between the teeth, which can house food particles and bacteria.

4. By observing the patient's breath

Good breath is a good indicator of good oral hygiene, while persistent bad breath is a sign that something is wrong. By smelling a person's breath, the dentist will be able to tell if the halitosis is caused by a dental disease or bad cleaning habits.

This is why regular dental visits matter

The dentist can gather a lot of information just by examining your mouth. They can detect a problem in its earliest stage and deal with it before it becomes a painful complication. If there are improvements you need to make to your oral hygiene routine, the dentist will let you know about it.

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