What are the Benefits of Fixed Dentures and What Can Be Expected?

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Also known as implant supported dentures, fixed dentures combine the affordability of dentures with the benefits and convenience of implants.

Dentures are often recommended for anyone who is missing most of their natural teeth. These prosthetics replace and restore missing teeth. They are the most economical way to replace many teeth.

Dentists often recommend implants when it comes to replacing a single tooth. These devices replace the part of the tooth that lies above the gums as well as the root. Implants look like and function just like a real tooth, so there is no adjustment period for the wearer to get used to them.

What to expect when getting fixed dentures

Since implants secure fixed dentures, the first thing the dentist will do is examine your mouth to determine if you have a healthy amount of jawbone to proceed with the treatment. The dentist might recommend a bone graft if you lack the needed bone tissue to hold on to the implants securely.

The next step is the installation of the implants. The surgeon inserts metal rods into the jaw. The patient will then take time to heal. The rods typically fuse with the bone after seven months. The process is called osseointegration.

Once the implant is secured, the dentist fits a special set of dentures to the implants.

Benefits of fixed dentures

Fixed dentures do not come with many of the hassles that are associated with traditional dentures. For example, traditional dentures tend to shift inside the patient's mouth. This can be uncomfortable, so it can take some time to get used to the shifting.

With fixed dentures, the prosthetic is secured to implants in the patient's mouth. It is firmly held in place, so there is no reason to worry about the device falling out of shifting while you talk or eat.

Also, dentures come with a time-consuming cleaning schedule. The device needs to be taken out each night and cleaned with a toothbrush and denture cleaner. It also must be soaked in a denture solution overnight.

With fixed dentures, there are no specialized cleaning needs. You only need to practice good oral hygiene to ensure your teeth are good to go.

Fixed dentures are often recommended for:

  • People who want a more comfortable solution than traditional dentures
  • Those who are tired of dealing with dental adhesives
  • Patients who are looking for a permanent solution that allows them to get back to their normal routine
  • People who want implants but are missing most of their natural teeth

Are you considering fixed dentures?

Living with missing teeth can be irritating and can reduce your self-confidence. Talk to one of our dentists about fixed dentures and learn about other tooth replacement methods.

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