4 Things to Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants have become very popular when it comes to replacing missing teeth because they look like real teeth and are more comfortable than dentures. If you have missing teeth and are considering getting implants, here are a few things you should know before making your decision.

1. Not everyone can get dental implants

Before you get excited about the possibility of getting dental implants, you should know that some people cannot undergo the procedure for various reasons. For instance, if your teeth have been missing for a long time, the bone supporting the missing teeth will likely be too soft to support the dental implants.

Heavy smokers are not ideal candidates for dental implants because the years of smoking have probably done some damage to their gums. People with health problems like diabetes and heart disease as well as people who have undergone radiation therapy to their heads or necks are not considered ideal candidates, either.

The good news is that smoking or having health problems does not automatically mean you cannot get implants. If you fall into this category, see your dentist for an evaluation to find out whether you can undergo the procedure.

2. Implants are very durable

One of the reasons dental implants have become popular is the fact that they are more durable than dentures and bridges. Dental implants can last a lifetime if they are properly taken care of, which saves you money in the long run compared to dentures and bridges which last anywhere from 10 to15 years with proper care and eventually need to be replaced.

Since they are permanently fixed in your mouth, you also do not have to worry about your implants slipping in your mouth, which is a problem people typically have with dentures and removable bridges.

3. Dental implants prevent bone loss

When one of your teeth falls out, there is no root for your jawbone to latch onto, which leads to a loss of bone density. With your jawbone softening up, your facial structure becomes affected, making you look older than you are. Dental implants help prevent bone loss because the titanium post that is fused to your jaw acts as a tooth root and stimulates the jawbone, allowing you to retain your natural appearance.

4. Implants look like natural teeth

The problem a lot of people have with dentures is the fact that the artificial teeth do not look real enough, which lets people know that you have false teeth. Dental implants are designed to look as natural as possible, making it hard to tell them apart from your real teeth. Implants can also be colored to match your natural teeth, making them look more real.

The bottom line

Dental implants are a great alternative to dentures and dental bridges because they look real and are more comfortable. If you are interested in getting implants, schedule an appointment with your dentist to find out whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

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