What are Dental Implants and When Should I Choose Them?

Dental Implants Milwaukee, WI

Dental Implants are little, screw-shaped post that is inserted into the jawbone to be an anchor for a dental crown. Implants are made from titanium and are designed to effortlessly fuse with your jawbone for a reliable and natural teeth restoration. When the bone has adequately grown around the implant, a dental crown will be placed on it to restore the function and feel of your natural tooth.

When one or more teeth are missing, the doctor may recommend a few restoration options, including implants. Not only do implants function and feel like a healthy tooth, but they also aid in averting bone loss or jawbone deterioration, since an implant stimulates the bone tissues properly to preserve their structure.

Are dental implants worth it?

Dental implants are typically the most expensive of the bunch, but they are built to last a lifetime, which means the investment is always worthwhile for a pleasant smile and dental health.

Dental implant process includes:

  • Surgical insertion of the implants
  • Healing period after the procedure
  • Permanent teeth placement (temporary substitutes may be used before this)

These processes usually require weeks or even months. In some cases, however, the dentist may be able to complete the entire procedure in one visit.

Why you should choose implants:

  • Provides better stability
  • Feels and functions as a healthy tooth
  • Prevents bone deterioration and jaw abscess
  • Easier to maintain and lasts longer
  • Can still be used when there are no adjacent teeth

When not to choose implants

Since surgery is necessary for an implant, good overall health is essential. The bone density of the teeth must also be sufficient to support implants. Chronic illnesses often hinder fast healing, which means such patients must consider other less invasive options.

Also, the cost may be the inhibiting factor since it is costlier than other options.

Other restoration option available for missing teeth

Teeth have significant effects on the health, confidence, comfort and outlook, which is why proper dental care is essential. However, teeth often have to be replaced. The dentist will examine you and take multiple X-rays to determine the extent of the damage and what restoration option would be best for your smile and oral condition.

Also, you need to consider your budget, current condition and oral health before making a decision. The following are alternatives to consider when the dental implant is not an option.

Removable dentures (full or partial)

Dentures are removable tooth restorations that have prosthetic teeth fused to a plastic base that looks similar to the gum. Getting used to dentures can be hard. Also, they have to be removed before sleeping and for cleaning. They are affordable and much easier to repair. However, they do not have the stability and natural feel of implants.

Dental bridges

This restoration is used to substitute one or more missing teeth. Like dental implants, they are permanent and have an appealing appearance. Dental bridges are less invasive and cheaper than implants.

The bottom line

The primary aim of the dentist is to restore the normal function of your teeth and give you a beautiful smile. Be sure to book an appointment to know your options.

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